The network of solutions for the youth sustainable Development of the UN in Amazonia (SDSN-Youth Amazonia) since the 2nd Virada Sustentável Manaus (2016), promotes activities focused on engaging young people with the goals of sustainable development (ODS).


Therefore, seeking to involve these youngsters on the agenda of ODS, the network SDSN Young Amazon since 2016 participates in events such as the sustainable turn of Manaus. In the second edition of the event, the Rede SDSN Young Amazon promoted the conversation wheel with practical activity on "engaging young people in the goals of sustainable development (ODS)", counting on the participation of more than 60 persons of several age groups.


In the third edition of the Sustainable Turn Manaus (2017), the debate promoted in the gallery of Largo de São Sebastião with the theme: "Social inequality and its faces", counted the participation of about 50 participants, who discussed on the faces of social inequality, as it is It presents in contemporary society and who are the people who are affected by it. The debate has been guided by ODS 10, which has targets for reducing inequalities.