Adalberto Luis Val

Adalberto Luis Val, senior researcher at Amazon National Institute of
Research (INPA/MCTI) since 1981, studies biological adaptation of fishes
to environmental challenges. Val has a post-doctorate degree from the
University of British Columbia (Canada), and has supervised over 100
students of under graduation, master’s and doctorate courses. He is the
author of more than 130 articles and more the 20 book chapters. Among
his books are “Fishes of the Amazon”, Spring Verlag (1995) and the
“Physiology of Tropical Fishes”, Academic Press (2006). He has delivered
more than 150 seminars and conferences around the world. He has been
General Director of INPA / MCTI for eight years (2006-2014) and is
coordinating the project ADAPTA INCT (Adaptations of Aquatic Biota to
environmental changes).
His lab has been supported by Brazilian financing agencies (CNPq,
CAPES, FAPEAM) and international organizations (Copper Association,
The Leverhulme Trust). He is a member of the Brazilian Academy of
Science, 1A companion of CNPq, e was awarded with the Gran Cruz of
National Order of Scientific Merit (Brazil) e the American Fisheries
Society Physiology Excellence Award (USA), among others. He served
as Head of the International Cooperation Office of the Brazilian CAPES
Ministry / Education in 2015. He is currently studying the breathing and
adaptations of Amazonian fish to changes in the environment, both
natural and man-made, including effects of climate change.

Denis Minev Benchimol

Denis Minev is the CEO of Bemol and co-founder and advisor of the Amazonas
Sustainable Foundation. In 2012, Young Global Leader of the World Economic
Forum was selected. Denis served as Secretary of Economic Planning and
development of Amazonas and as financial analyst at Goldman Sachs Bank.
Graduated in economics from Stanford University, holds a master's degree in
Latin American studies also from Stanford University and an MBA from the
Wharton School.

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Marco Ehrlich

Marco Ehrlich is a forestry engineer at the University of Florence (Italy) and has
a PhD in planning and conservation of natural resources at the University of
Michigan (USA) with more than 30 years of professional experience in
conservation and development As integral elements of the same proposal.

Throughout his career, he has accumulated important experience and lessons
from development and conservation, having worked on various continents and
with a variety of institutions and organizations such as the Inter-American
Development Bank (IDB), World Bank (WB), Conservation International and the
Nations Program Nations Development Program (UNDP). In SDSN-Amazonia,
Marco Ehrlich supports activities related to the Amazon Solutions Platform and

the Training and Entrepreneurship Course for Solutions for Sustainable
Development in the Amazon.

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Manuel Martín Brañas

Graduated in Philosophy and education sciences, specializing in political and
economic anthropology. Master in Rural development. Specialist in international
cooperation for development. He has worked on different international
cooperation projects related to the rural development of Amazonia,
environmental conservation and the restoration of traditional knowledge of
indigenous peoples of the Amazon. He participated in several research
publications, being editor of several works related to conservation, rural
development and indigenous and riverside technology.
Degree in Philosophy and Education Sciences with a specialty in Political and
Economic Anthropology. Master in Rural Development. Expert in International
Development Cooperation. He has worked on different International
Cooperation projects related to Amazonian rural development, environmental
conservation and the recovery of traditional knowledge of Amazonian
indigenous peoples. He has participated in several research publications, being
the editor of a good number of works related to conservation, rural development
and indigenous and riverine technology.

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Juan Fernando Reyes

Juan Fernando Reyes, an economist with a postgraduate degree in Community
forestry management, is currently the director of the NGO Herencia that

promotes sustainable development in the Bolivian Amazon. With 18 years of
experience in rural development in the Bolivian Amazon, Juan Reyes is part of
the GT-Agenda 2030 (objective indicators of sustainable development-ODS)
and have the responsibility to support the coordination of the Group and the
development of Publication concerning the work of the GT-Agenda 2030.

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