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Meet the actions and projects related to the SDSN Amazonia network.


The educational program of SDSN Amazon aims to develop
educational initiatives that can provide matching answers to the
challenges in sustainable development, identified in the
countries that composse the Amazon Basin.
The need for qualification in the training of the region's
workforce is a crucial issue to be addressed in this SDSN
Amazon education program, mainly to train human resources
capable of developing new solutions to the challenges of
sustainable development.
Other specific projects are under development with a focus on
young Amazonians.

Amazon Summer School

Status – Implemented
The Amazon Summer School is an intensive immersion course
where participants learn from experiences with local
communities on what it is like to live in the middle of the Amazon
rainforest. The course is designed to address the global
sustainability challenges we face as a society and as a human
being. Broadening the view to see other points of view, knowing
that no person or field can understand or resolve such issues,
are questions raised throughout the course.
Unite to learn, share and create. These are the mottos of the
Amazon Summer School. Every word used makes us
understand that people living in communities, people living
outside communities, forest and land, traditional perspectives

and practices, as well as different and new ideas and
approaches are all pieces of the puzzle to understand how to
develop and preserve life on this planet with dignity and
In 2014, FAS launched the Amazon Summer School, its
international summer school that had as proposal to offer a
experience of immersion in the forest. Thirteen participants from
eight countries (the United States, Portugal, Ireland, India,
Argentina, Guatemala, Brazil and Bolivia) were called through
an annoucement, in order to experience sustainability in
practice. During 21 days, there was a rich exchange of cultures,
knowledge, and dreams among the local population and
foreigners in the Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve
(RDS). In the 2016 edition, there were 16 participants from 09
countries, 3 facilitators, 16 teachers and guest speakers.

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The Amazon, besides having a rich biological diversity, holds
information, experiences, learning, knowledge that comes from
the original peoples and the forest peoples that live in it.
Propagating this knowledge through Education and
Communication is what projects the SDSN-Amazon Network's
Knowledge Management and Communication program. Two
events that are promoted annually by the SDSN-Amazon
network merge these assets, Amazon Day and Amazon
Solutions Day.

The Amazon Day held during the United Nations Climate Week
and the Amazon Solutions Day held in parallel with the UN
Conference of the Parties (COP) have the active participation of
members of the SDSN-Amazon network to build the
achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in
the Amazonian countries and in discussions with guidelines on
the Amazon.

In this context, the communication of SDSN-Amazonia acts as a
broadcaster of these events and works in the creation and

planning of communication actions with the communicators of
the member organizations / institutions of the network; aiming to
make these events centers of debate on the guidelines of the
Amazon and the Amazon so that they can effectively achieve
the desired changes.

Amazon Day

Amazon Day is held annually during the International
Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) by UN-SDSN
at Columbia University. The date aims to bring the members of
the SDSN network closer to the discussions about 2030
Agenda, so that all participants can trace the roadmap for its
implementation in the Amazon Basin. For this, Amazon Day
innovates as a semi-virtual event, where Amazon hubs
participate in the event and promote it in their region.
The Amazon Day can count on the following partners:
Fundação Amazônia Sustentável (FAS), Sustainable
Development Network Solutions (UN-SDSN), Environmental
UN, Brazilian Academy of Science (BAS), Organization of the
Amazon Cooperation Treaty (OACT), Peruvian Amazon Institute
of Research (PAIR), Amazonian Institute of Scientific
Investigation (AISI), Amazonian National Institute of Research
(ANIR) and the State University of Amazonas (UEA).
The Conference has several interested parts to discuss
and share knowledge relevant to the achievement of the
Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

AMAZON SOLUTIONS DAY at the Conference of Parties

Status – On going

SDSN Amazon Annual Event as part of the United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Conference of the Parties (COPs). The event promotes the
debate between partners on the implementation of SDGs and its
correlation with the Climate Agenda and International
Agreements, such as the Paris Agreement.

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Status – On going

The Amazon Sustainable Development Platform focuses on
the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), in the
Amazon region. Each initiative available on the platform will be
associated to their respectives SDGs. SDSN's solutions platform is
an innovative tool and will be a channel for the dissemination of
new technologies, business models and policies that have potential
transformative impact on the sustainable development of the
Amazon. The goal is to be an open access platform using a GIS
tool that allows the sharing of information in solutions located on a
map. The input of solution cases will go through a set of criteria, in
line with the Global SDSN guidelines.
Many sustainable development solutions are being projected
and implemented in the Amazon. However, nowadays, there is no
platform to show these solutions. The Amazon Sustainable
Development Platform has contente in three different languages
(english, portuguese and Spanish) and was adapted to cellphones
and computers. The solutions will be accepted at any scale, as long
as they are on going or have already been completed. All this so
that the dissemination of solutions for sustainable development in
the region, with significant and potential increase is within the reach
of all.
Objectives: To increase and improve the availability of
sustainable development solutions that result from specific
initiatives in the Amazonian portion of each country.


Status – Under development

The SDSN-Amazon Award aims to encourage innovation, creativity and
solution initiatives already implemented to address the most challenging
problems of sustainable development in the Amazon. The award is
promoted annually and is one of the initiatives of SDSN-Amazônia. This
initiative seeks to recognize and give visibility to existing sustainable
development solutions and aims to stimulate and disseminate successful
practices and recognize them as possible solutions for sustainable
development in the Amazon.

During Amazon Solutions Day at COP 21 in 2015, the first edition of the
SDSN Amazon Award announced its winners. The award, which had
been launched in 2014 at the COP20 in Lima, identified and recognized
the best socio-environmental solutions related to sustainable
development in the Amazon.
The initiative was open to actions undertaken and implemented by
private, public, academic, and third sector organizations in the
Continental Amazon: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru,
Suriname, and Venezuela. Three organizations in the Education,
Protected Area Management and Infrastructure categories were
considered as the best solutions for social and environmental issues
related to the sustainable development of the continental Amazon. In the
2014 edition, the three winners were the Association of Rural Family
Homes of the State of Pará (Arcafar / Pará), Coca-Cola Brazil Institute
(Amazonas) and Ikiam University (Ecuador).
A committee of experts judged ten finalists based on the evaluation
criteria: forward thinking, replicability potential, originality and project
innovation; use of participatory methodologies; networking and
intersectoral partnerships and relevance of the project to specificities of
the Amazon.
The second edition of the SDSN Amazon Award was held this year, 2019,
with the theme of “Innovative Solutions for the SDSN-Amazon Solution
Platform”. In all, 24 innovative solutions developed in the Amazon
participated in the award, 14 from Brazil, four from Ecuador, four from
Peru, one from Colombia and one from Bolivia. The 24 solutions are
available on the SDSN-Amazon Solutions Platform for public access.
All submitted solutions were evaluated by the Solutions Platform's
technical-scientific committee, composed by the researcher and former
director of the National Amazon Research Institute (INPA) Adalberto Luis
Val; by Bemol Brasil CEO Denis Minev; by the executive director of the
Bolivian NGO Herencia, Juan Fernando Reyes; by the researcher of the
Peruvian Amazon Research Institute (IIAP), Manuel Martín Brañas; and
Marco Ehrlich, deputy director of the Amazonian Institute for Scientific
Research (SINCHI) of Colombia. The solutions were evaluated according
to relevance criteria, innovative character of the solution, financial
viability, current and / or potential impact scalability and adherence to the
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Peru's Amazon Amazon Amazonia (AMPA) solution won the Innovative
Solutions Award with the "Gastronomy-Flavored Conservation" initiative,

a project that accompanies associations in the realization and
management of conservation areas by connecting the great Andean
Amazon with the Peruvian gastronomic chain and with nationally and
internationally renowned chefs.

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Status – On going

The State of the Amazon: The Amazon We Want report in
2030 should be annual and aims at compiling information relevant
to the countries of the Amazon Basin formulated by a group of
experts from the region. The report has the following objectives:

1. Develop an analysis of social and environmental scenarios
for the Amazon 2015-2050
2. To support the recommendations of the report in the
definition of SDG indicators for the Amazon
3. Provide material to assess the achievement of SDG-
Amazon indicators and progress and indicators for the "Amazon we
want" for 2030

Training and Entrepreneurship Course for Solutions to Sustainable Development in the Amazon

Status – On going

The Training and Entrepreneurship Course for Solutions to
Sustainable Development in the Amazon facilitated by the
SDSN Amazônia Network, will seek to offer high level training
for Amazonian leaders and entrepreneurs who develop viable
solutions and can respond to the challenges of 2030 Agenda
and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) identified in the
countries that make up the Amazon basin.
The amazonian leaders and entrepreneurs will have as aid to
carry out these actions the science, scientific cooperation and
capital fund that will finance the development and replication of
these solutions in the Amazon basin. In addition, the course will

promote South-South cooperation activities among the countries
of the Amazon Basin. For the execution of the program, an
annual training of 30 students is planned. There will be ten
students from each country. For this first edition, there will be
ten students from Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

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