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Amazon Summer School

The Amazon Summer School is an intensive immersion course where participants learn from experiences with local communities on what it is like to live in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. The course is designed to address the global sustainability challenges we face as a society and as a human being. Broadening the view to see other points of view, knowing that no person or field can understand or resolve such issues, are questions raised throughout the course.

Unite to learn, share and create. These are the mottos of the Amazon Summer School. Every word used makes us understand that people living in communities, people living outside communities, forest and land, traditional perspectives and practices, as well as different and new ideas and approaches are all pieces of the puzzle to understand how to develop and preserve life on this planet with dignity and balance.

In 2014, FAS launched the Amazon Summer School, its international summer school that had as proposal to offer a experience of immersion in the forest. Thirteen participants from eight countries (the United States, Portugal, Ireland, India, Argentina, Guatemala, Brazil and Bolivia) were called through an annoucement, in order to experience sustainability in practice. During 21 days, there was a rich exchange of cultures, knowledge, and dreams among the local population and foreigners in the Rio Negro Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS). In the 2016 edition, there were 16 participants from 09 countries, 3 facilitators, 16 teachers and guest speakers.