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GT - Mining Engagement experts on the subject of mining in the Amazon

In the Amazon, artisanal and gold mining, albeit on a small scale, is one of the causes of environmental degradation. The industry is responsible for the largest emissions of mercury into the environment, more than of any industry worldwide (35% of total emissions), causing water and soil to be contaminated. It also pollutes the air and threatens the health of miners and local communities, including indigenous peoples. Artisanal and small-scale mining can contribute positively to inclusive and equitable development and sustainable growth. Its potential is rarely valued. Practical solutions to address these challenges are not easy to identify. There are numerous initiatives aimed at addressing these complex challenges at the national level in the countries of the Amazon.

The working group will support the transformation of gold to the International Material Information Society (ASM) in the Amazon from a driver of environmental destruction, health impacts and illegal criminal activity that contributes to conflict and instability, to become a source of sustainable economic development and regional integration through formalization.

Objectives: to enhance knowledge and understanding on current regional challenges and opportunities for ASM to contribute to SDGs agree on a roadmap for regional action including to strengthen the role of ASM in sustainable development and to mitigate malpractices, facilitate concrete cooperation between countries to share knowledge, implement the road map for peace and reform the ASM sectors.