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Web solutions platform for the Amazon

The Amazon Sustainable Development Platform focuses on the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), in the Amazon region. Each initiative available on the platform will be associated to their respectives SDGs. SDSN's solutions platform is an innovative tool and will be a channel for the dissemination of new technologies, business models and policies that have potential transformative impact on the sustainable development of the Amazon. The goal is to be an open access platform using a GIS tool that allows the sharing of information in solutions located on a map. The input of solution cases will go through a set of criteria, in line with the Global SDSN guidelines.

Many sustainable development solutions are being projected and implemented in the Amazon. However, nowadays, there is no platform to show these solutions. The Amazon Sustainable Development Platform has contente in three different languages (english, portuguese and Spanish) and was adapted to cellphones and computers. The solutions will be accepted at any scale, as long as they are on going or have already been completed. All this so that the dissemination of solutions for sustainable development in the region, with significant and potential increase is within the reach of all.

Objectives: To increase and improve the availability of sustainable development solutions that result from specific initiatives in the Amazonian portion of each country.