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PES TOOLKIT: designing innovative schemes for enviromental services

This toolkit was conceived with a focus on managers of conservation and sustainable development initiatives that intend to use Payment for Environmental Services (PES) schemes in their intervention strategies.


An approach is proposed here, in the format of a toolkit, to understand and implement PES schemes that were defined in practice and have shown effectiveness for the Amazon region. This publication seeks to consolidate lessons learned by FAS throughout the process of implementing the Bolsa Floresta Program (PBF) in the interior of the state of Amazonas in Brazil. From an operational perspective, this material seeks to contribute to the conceptual directives, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of PES schemes for the Amazon region.


In proposing this tested process of gradual design and implementation, this material hopes to incentivize the development of PES programs in Latin America and the Caribbean, within the Amazonian context of relatively low internal pressure for land use change and low to moderate external pressure for land use change. These pressures will likely increase due primarily to the development of infrastructure (particularly roads).


This toolkit, therefore, can contribute to the implementation of preventative measures in areas that will certainly be impacted in the near future by the agricultural frontier, which is the case in many places in the Amazon, allowing others to adapt and replicate these strategies to their context.


These guidelines and tools were developed through an inclusive collaborative process with ample public consultation related to the primary themes, involving PBF providers, FAS staff, specialists from diverse institutions (such as NGOs, governments and business), and revised by a scientific committee of renowned specialists.


The toolkit is available in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Download here: