Lorena San Roman

For over 30 years, Lorena has been a teacher at the National University (UNA) and other universities in Costa Rica. Amongst other activities, she was the director of Costa Rica’s National Museum for 10 years, besides being president of the International Museums’ counsil over Latin America and Caribbean. She was also the director of the Echological Center called “The Pacific”, vice chancellor of the Investigation in the National University of Costa Rica, national coordinator of Bolivar Program of the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) and coordinator of Latin America and in the counsil Caribbean Land. In SDSN – Amazônia, Lorena San Román is responsible for the coordination of the group that is working on a course project called ”Training and Entrepreneurship Course for Solutions to Sustainable Development in the Amazon”.

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Marco Ehrlich

Marcos Ehrlich is a forest engineer graduated from the University of Florence (Italy) and has a doctor’s degree in planning and conservation of natural resources from the University of Michigan (USA) with more than 30 years of professional experience in conservation and sustainable development as integrating resources of the same proposition. Throughout his journey, he accumulated experience and importante development and conservation lessons, having worked in several different continentes and with a great variety of institutions and organizations, like the Inter-american Bank of Development (IBD), World Bank (WB), International Conservation and Nations Developing Program.


In SDSN – Amazon, Marco Ehrlich supports activities referring to the Amazon Solutions Platform and Training and Entrepreneurship Course for Solutions to Sustainable Development in the Amazon.

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Luz Marina Mantilla Cárdenas

Degree in Biology and Chemistry. He has a master's degree in Biology at the Universidad de los Andes and in Government and Public Policy at the Externado University of Colombia. She has been a researcher and university professor and has directed degree programs in Biology. Since 1997 she has been the General Director of the Amazon Institute of Scientific Research SINCHI. It has stood out for knowledge management and technology transfer to local communities for the use of the biodiversity offer of the Amazon region and has developed the necessary aspects for the design and implementation of public policies that contribute to conservation and development Sustainable of the Amazon region.

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Karina Pinasco

Amazonian biologist, with a master's degree in Conservation and Management of Forest Resources at the Agrarian University of the National University of La Molina (UNALM), specialist in Sustainable Territorial Development, Protected Natural Areas, Public Management and Voluntary and Community Conservation Initiatives. In 2003 he led the first participatory process of territorial organization of the Peruvian Amazon, between 2007 and 2008 he was Manager of the Regional Environmental Authority of San Martín, Peru.


Founder and currently Executive Director of the Amazon Association for the Amazon - AMPA, an organization that promoted the sustainable conservation and development of Amazonian Andean peoples through the voluntary and community conservation of forests, as well as the financial sustainability of these areas conservation with sustainable gastronomy and value-added initiatives and ecosystem services; General Director of the National Association of Sustainable Entrepreneurs - Genes Peru; and General Coordinator of the Network of Voluntary and Community Conservation Networks "Amazonia Que Late", which brings together more than 130 initiatives that conserve approximately 1.8 million hectares of forests. Carlos Ponce del Prado Conservation Artist Award (Peru, 2009), Forest Hero by Serfor (Peru, 2015) and Green Latin America Awards (Ecuador, 2017).

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Leticia Cortellazi

Leticia Cortellazzi Garcia, holds a postdoctoral degree from the University of Brasília - UnB. PhD in Educational Sciences from the Université Paris Descartes Faculté des Sciences Humaines et Sociales-Sorbonne and a Master's Degree in Educational Sciences from the same French institution. She graduated in History from the State University of Santa Catarina - UDESC and has experience in the areas of education, human rights and gender. She was Coordinator of projects in Education and Culture at the Secretariat of Policies for Women of the Presidency of the Republic and worked at the United Nations, UN, at the UN Women Brazil agency. She is currently managing the Innovative Solutions Program of the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation.

Victor Salviati

Victor Salviati is a biologist and responsible for coordinating the Innovative Solutions Program of Fundação Amazônia Sustentável (FAS). He provides support in the regional network strategy of SDSN Amazon and SDSN Youth Amazon. Aside from acting in the support of technical producition related to Sustainable Development Goals (focusing on SDG 13 and 15) e and in the captation of partners and resources to the networks.

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