It all begins back in 2012, out of the iniciative of the by then General-Secretary of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon. The quest to eradicate poverty, have access to a more inclusive education, build safer cities, the promotion of more peaceful societies amongst other goals to improve societies around the world is what brought up the foundation of a initiative with bolder and possible goals – the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) from UN, which came to South America seeking to bring together the countries that compose the Amazon Basin.


The SDSN network believes that the promotion of those improvements is possible through scientifical and technological global knowledge, and for that, seeks to mobilize universities, non-governmental organizations, research facilities, private and public instituitons, multilateral organizations e the civil society to promote a practical resolution of problems for the sustainable development throughtout the world. Since its beginning, it attempts to allow that a large number of leaders of all the regions and from several different origins, all with their respective peculiarities and cultures, take part in the deveploment of the network, and at the same time, assuring efficient structure for decision-making.  


The SDSN network has a Leadership Council, an Executive Comittee that supervises financial, progammatic and other operational matters. Twelve thematic networks involving specialists from all parts of the world lead the technical part of the job in the SDSN. The members of the SDSN are part of the SDSN Assembly and can take parts in the national or regional SDSN. A small Academic Advisory Comitte works in matters related to education and curriculum planning. The SDSN secretariat is a guest at the SDSN Association and has an office in Paris and New York.


Whilst composing the SDSN Global, Ban Ki-Moon named Prof. Jeffrey Sachs as his coordinator – he was the former director of the Earth Institute in the Columbia University (USA), which adds Academy Specialists, Civil Society and companies to the Network, and invited the superintendent of Fundação Amazônia Sustentável (FAS), Prof. Virgilio Viana, to create SDSN Amazônia - being the first regional network in Brazil, thus fulfilling of the Network goals, which is to generate mechanisms to find the best solutions for challenges in the economic sustainability development and spread them around Brazil and the world.


Since 2014, in the city of Manaus (AM), SDSN Amazônia aims to mobilize the local knowledge in the search of the solutions and good practices to challenges related to sustainable development, respecting the individual characteristics of the reality of each country that composes the Amazon Basin (Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela). All the solutions have the intent to contribute with experience and leading position related to the regional indicators of the SDG.